Robbie Fowler

Robbie Fowler, English Premier League Football Legend and Property Investor

" Investing in property can give you the chance to earn money in your sleep. If you train with trusted experts, your 'sleeping' or passive income can be as big or small as you want - whether you want a bit of extra cash or a completely new career.
Whatever your professional or personal circumstances, to be successful in any aspect of your life requires confidence and the right mental attitude. Our training not only provides you with trusted expertise built over 10 years in the UK market but also the correct mindset for success. "
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Build a Property Portfolio
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Footballer's Salary!

" What the trained investor knows over and above everybody else is that there is money to be made in property. "
Robbie Fowler, English Premier League Football Legend and Property Investor

Robbie's lead trainer will run the
session where you'll learn about:

  • Buy-to-Let, HMO, Airbnb
  • Student Accommodation, Social Housing, Rent-To-Rent
  • How to raise the finance to buy property
  • Generating the motivation and confidence to succeed
  • Setting optimistic yet achievable goals
  • Buying and renovating run-down properties
  • Creating the right strategy for you
  • How to increase your credit rating
  • And much more!

Free Gift Just for Attending!

  • The Home Truth About Property – Ebook £4.95 FREE!
  • Dream Big; Getting Into The Mindset Of A Successful Real Estate Investor Parts 1, 2 and 3 – Training Videos £49.95 FREE!
Free Gift
  • After family bereavement and job problems I felt I'd hit rock bottom. As a single mum I knew I had to do something positive for us to survive. The training helped me to build a property portfolio worth £1m in three years."
    - Heather Mortimer
  • We bought a distressed property at auction for £76,000. Spent £20,000 and had it revalued after 9 weeks for £136,000. Made more money after tax in one deal than previously over 12 months whilst working"
    - Tony and Sheila
  • I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU for providing me with the skills to turn things around. I was losing around £4,000 per month but now my portfolio is £2m cash positive and looks after itself. The journey has been extraordinary. I no longer bury my head in the sand, and I've put my theory into action and become a successful Property Investor"
    - Parmi Janagle
  • I am so excited about the new Robbie Fowler Property Academy — not just because I am from the North West and a former professional sportsman but also because I know how valuable training is. A powerhouse of success like Robbie can inspire others to fulfil their own dreams on or off the pitch"
    - Danny Inman
  • Built up a portfolio of just under £2m in a year from distressed and repossessed property. I kept talking about property. My wife cut out an advert from a local paper and made me call. I have not looked back. Helped me go from my own single property to 19 properties in 13 months"
    - Alan